By Helen Oyeyemi

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Helen Oyeyemi isn't for everyone, but if she is for you, congratulations because you are correct. Peaces follows an eccentric couple and their pet mongoose on a fever-dream of a train ride through the English countryside during which they encounter mysterious figures from their past. At times it has the feel of an old fashioned train mystery that has warped into a wacky romp of absurdity. At others it is an insightful meditation on relationships - the people who stay in our lives as well as those who cease to be real as they fade into the stories we tell ourselves about who we were when we knew them. The casual queerness and decentering of whiteness throughout are the cherry on top that will likely cement Peaces as my book of the year. Have you read it? If so let's talk!

Content Warnings: Some cartoonish violence, house fire

Esmé, Firestorm Collective member

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272 pages
Riverhead Books (4/6/21)
6 x 0.7 x 9 inches


beach reads, bipoc representation, magical realism, mystery, queer representation

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