Beautiful Giftables

We created this list with the trickiest gift recipients in mind. Spanning a spectrum of interests and boasting gorgeous covers, one of these titles is sure to do the trick for your picky family member or enigmatic co-worker!

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Blue Ridge Dreaming celebrates the magic and drama of one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the United States. When New York native Mike Poggioli moved to Asheville, North Carolina, he traded in cityscapes for the towering peaks, lush forests, and sparkling rivers of the Blue Ridge Mountains. His moody, dreamy landscapes follow golden light and delicate fog through the changing seasons with his distinctive color palette of oranges and blues

In this delightfully illustrated book, Mariah-Rose Marie writes about intuitive cooking with such thoughtfulness, respect, and specificity. Even though I already mostly cook this way, having these concepts explained so clearly felt like it brought me closer to my own processes - and to the lineage of people I learned how to cook from. The included recipes feel like an invitation to indulgence; this book feels like a warm hug and a meal prepared by a friend.
Shing Yin Khor, author of The Legend of Auntie Po

A home repair manual is an unlikely candidate for a Firestorm bestseller, but Safe and Sound is a unique resource aimed at empowering renters—especially queer renters. With humor and care, author Mercury Stardust teaches not only repairs and improvements, but also how to create a safe and comfortable space, deal with contractors, read a lease, and defend your rights. A copy of this book should be issued to every new renter!
Libertie, The Firestorm Collective

This version of Mutual Aid beautifully illustrates what ‘mutual aid’ is all about! The cooperation evident on the pages between Kropotkin and N.O. Bonzo illuminates that the more we mutually support each other, the more we not only survive but also thrive—and soar to new heights of care and solidarity.”
Cindy Milstein

Rebecca Beyer’s fresh, can’t-miss book Mountain Magic is a love letter to the traditions, folklore, and people of Appalachia. A mix of a history and an occult guidebook, Mountain Magic is intent on dispelling negative stereotypes about Appalachia and reminding the world of the traditional folk magic of the Appalachian people, who blended African, European, and Indigenous lore and practices into a methodology all their own.
—Danielle Ballantyne, Forward

The title of the book is Braiding Sweetgrass, and braiding is what Robin Wall Kimmerer does, weaving her strands of biology professor, mother and Potawatomi woman. Her book of wisdom, knowledge and teachings celebrates life that is both ordinary and magical, filled with many gifts from good-hearted communities. Her interactions, however, are not solely with human groups but are equally and necessarily with the natural world. She introduces readers to a language of flora and fauna that is readably right in front of them, and nudges — at times, urges — her readers to recognize an inclusive reciprocity with our environment.
—Elizabeth Wilkinson, Star Tribune

With stories as perennial and universally beloved as The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of The Rings—but also unlike anything but themselves—this edition is perfect for those new to the world of Earthsea, as well as those who are well-acquainted with its enchanting magic: to know Earthsea is to love it.

Generously thorough and lovingly illustrated guidebook to Indigenous plants for the absolute beginner to the seasoned expert. ... This book is the perfect place to begin a lasting friendship with plants!
Spirit Bound Press

This book is so generous in the way it perfectly balances supportive, clear instructional content and technical information with permission, guidance, and encouragement to experience creativity and process free from perfectionism or external constraints and expectations. The links between magic and creativity and spirituality are so deep and beautifully expressed.
Sarah K. Benning, author of Embroidered Life

In this beautiful cookbook filled with stories, tips, tricks, and striking four-color photography, Georgina Hayden looks to Greece, Cyprus, and beyond to share delicious, almost entirely natural dishes. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or simply interested in plant-based eating, you will enjoy these flavor-packed foods which draw from the tradition of nistisima, a Greek word that translates to Lenten, or fasting—often used in relation to animal products.

A beautifully illustrated and philosophically uplifting guide to indigenous North American plant use. For background, Salmón delves into the spiritual beliefs of various cultures, including the Pueblo peoples of New Mexico and Arizona; the Cherokee, who once inhabited southeastern marshes; and his own people, the Rarámuri of Chihuahua, Mexico, originators of the ‘iwígara’ concept ‘that all life, spiritual and physical, is interconnected in a continual cycle.’ … This lovely compendium will strike a chord with many a nature-loving reader.
Publishers Weekly

Edgar’s book is a master class in stunning photography, colorful cuisine, and the art of infusing heart in all your dishes. You will want to cook everything in this beautiful book
Joanne Molinaro, author of The Korean Vegan Cookbook