Firestorm Community Sustainers Program

Firestorm Community Sustainers Program

Our co-operative wouldn't be possible without the support of our community and while there are many ways that individuals can contribute, we've created a Firestorm Community Sustainers Program for those who are able to provide financial aid.

Sustainers ensure that our co-operative continues to have the resources needed to do grassroots community work that is unmonetized and accessible to all. This includes hosting over 200 free and unique events per year, providing space for numerous activist organizations, offering free computer access, regularly donating resources to local changemakers, and acting as a platform for the community work of our members. Sign up, or renew, today!

Perks of sustaining include 10% off all purchases, free shipping, and a monthly zine or book subscription, depending on tier.

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For Lifetime Membership, please contact us at to arrange a one-time donation.

Lifetime Members

  • Blazing Shuttles*
  • Bruce Hughes
  • Center for a Stateless Society*
  • Denise Carbonell
  • Derek Dominy
  • Lillie Wallace*
  • Sanjit Patel (not Sanjit L Patel)
  • Wally Bowen*

* Contributors to our 2015 crowdfunding campaign

Looking to make a one-time donation?

If you'd like to support our co-op financially but don't wish to become a monthly Sustainer, we're happy to accept a one-time donation.