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Little Brother & HomelandMemory Police, ThePracticing New Worlds: Abolition and Emergent StrategiesTen Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right NowPacifying the Homeland: Intelligence Fusion and Mass Supervision Cointelshow: A Patriot ActPrivacy, 2nd ed.: A Very Short IntroductionEyes and Spies: How You're Tracked and Why You Should Know (A Visual Exploration)

Resisting Surveillance

In light of recent police surveillance of our bookstore, we're offering our community some reading suggestions on digital media activism against state efforts to monitor,...

Updated Aug 31st, 2023
Practical Anarchism: A Guide for Daily LifeWe Go Where They Go: The Story of Anti-Racist ActionAbolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and LiberationPrison by Any Other Name: The Harmful Consequences of Popular ReformsIntimate Direct Democracy: Fort Mose, the Great Dismal Swamp, and the Human Quest for FreedomManhuntNot a Nation of Immigrants: Settler Colonialism, White Supremacy, and a History of Erasure and ExclusionFuture Histories: What Ada Lovelace, Tom Paine, and the Paris Commune Can Teach Us About Digital Technology

Libertie's Staff Picks

Updated Jul 12th, 2023
You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty: A NovelLeviathan Wakes (The Expanse #1)My Murder: A NovelHunger Games, The (Hunger Games, Book 1)True Biz: A NovelCentaur's Wife, TheCantorasVanished Birds, The

Beck's Staff Picks

Updated Jul 6th, 2023
My Murder: A NovelHarlem Shuffle: A NovelComfort Me With ApplesOther Black Girl, The: A NovelEmpire of WildPeripheral, TheDry Heart, TheAnnihilation: A Novel (The Southern Reach Trilogy, Book 1)

Thrillers & Mysteries

Suspicious deaths & inexplicable disappearances. These titles will keep you on the edge of your seat as you race along to uncover the truth and prevent the next...

Updated Jun 22nd, 2023
All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries #1)Across a Field of StarlightHow Far the Light Reaches: A Life in Ten Sea CreaturesThe Moth Keeper: (A Graphic Novel)White is for WitchingPatricia Wants to Cuddle: A NovelOther Ever Afters: StoriesDead Collections: A Novel

Esme's Staff Picks

Updated May 5th, 2023
A Rule Is To Break: A Child's Guide to AnarchyPractical Anarchism: A Guide for Daily LifeTry Anarchism for Life: The Beauty of Our CircleAs Black As Resistance: Finding the Conditions for LiberationDeciding for Ourselves: The Promise of Direct DemocracyDispossessed, TheFragments of an Anarchist AnthropologyPan-African Social Ecology: Speeches, Conversations, and Essays

Anarchism? Start here.

Who will build the roads? What about the rapists? But what are you for? The following recommendations offer perspectives from anarchists and anarchic projects all over the...

Updated Apr 12th, 2023
Bandit Queens, The: A NovelLady Matador's Hotel, The: A NovelPatricia Wants to Cuddle: A NovelManhuntFuture of Another Timeline, TheWhere the Wild Ladies AreMy Sister, the Serial Killer: A NovelLizard Daddies

Misandrist Fiction

These juicy stories of revenge and just deserts are a misandrist's dream. If you'd have been there, if you'd have seen it, I betcha you would have done the same!

Updated Mar 11th, 2023
Wild Witchcraft: Folk Herbalism, Garden Magic, and Foraging for Spells, Rituals, and RemediesRefusing Compulsory Sexuality: A Black Asexual Lens on Our Sex-Obsessed CultureDead Collections: A NovelRUINWe Won't Be Here Tomorrow: And Other StoriesSpear Cuts Through Water, The: A NovelY'All Means All: The Emerging Voices Queering AppalachiaYou Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty: A Novel

2022 Bestsellers & Collective Picks

From escalating conflicts between nuclear states, to accelerating attacks by christofascists in schools, libraries, public spaces, and private homes, it felt like 2022...

Updated Dec 3rd, 2022
Mutual Aid: An Illuminated Factor of EvolutionMystical Stitches: Embroidery for Personal Empowerment and Magical EmbellishmentEpic Hikes of the AmericasBraiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of PlantsIwígara: American Indian Ethnobotanical Traditions and Science Vegetable Kingdom: The Abundant World of Vegan RecipesSeeing Gender: An Illustrated Guide to Identity and ExpressionHow to Be a Good Creature: A Memoir in Thirteen Animals

Beautiful Giftables

We created this list with the trickiest gift recipients in mind. Spanning a spectrum of interests and boasting gorgeous covers, one of these titles is sure to do the trick...

Updated Nov 15th, 2022
Brown and GrayGender Queer: A Memoir Deluxe EditionI Am Ace: Advice on Living Your Best Asexual LifeAce Notes: Tips and Tricks on Existing in an Allo WorldAce Voices: What It Means to Be Asexual, Aromantic, Demi Or Grey-AceSounds Fake But Okay: An Asexual and Aromantic Perspective on Love, Relationships, Sex, and Pretty Much Anything ElseHow to Be Ace: A Memoir of Growing Up AsexualAsexual Erotics: Intimate Readings of Compulsory Sexuality

Ace Week Nonfiction

Our bookstore doesn't fuck with acephobia! For Ace Week, a-spec members of our team are highlighting some of their favorite titles along with upcoming books raising...

Updated Oct 25th, 2022
Migrations: A NovelAgainst the Loveless World: A NovelThe Last True Poets of the SeaMinistry of Utmost Happiness, TheThey Both Die at the EndStars and the Blackness Between Them, TheBirthday: A NovelMy Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

Books To Make You Cry

There’s something incredibly tender about falling so deeply in love with fictional worlds and their inhabitants that their loss brings us to tears. Crying is also...

Updated Sep 5th, 2022
House in the Cerulean Sea, TheOnce Ghosted, Twice Shy: A Reluctant Royals NovellaChef's Kiss: A NovelOne Last StopShe Gets the GirlAcross a Field of StarlightDungeon CrittersWhen We Were Magic

Feel-Good Queer Stories

Rejection, illness, and tragedy. We’ve read it, we’ve lived it, we know the drill. Enough already! If the dreary present is leaving you with a craving for...

Updated Sep 5th, 2022