Book Clubs

Book Clubs

Our collective loves a good reading group! Groups that meet at Firestorm enjoy 10% off their reading selections.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in-person book clubs are on pause until further notice. Please check our community calendar for up-to-date event information, including virtual reading groups.

On Hiatus

Animal Rights Reading Group
Third Fridays at 6pm
A group to discuss where human and non-human issues intersect and how we might take action on specific issues.

Queer Femme Book Club
Fourth Fridays at 6pm
A club for self-identifying queer femmes to read and discuss fiction written by and/or about other queer femmes!

Social Justice Book Club
Tuesday, Feb 25th at 7pm
Build relationships and build your understanding of social justice in this new reading group sponsored by the Leicester Library!

Green Grannies Book Club
Every Wednesday at noon
Founded in 2012, the Green Grannies are a group of women who are willing to make a ruckus about the need for action on climate change. This is their reading group and it is open to all!

Women's Empowerment Book Club
Every third Tuesday at 6:30pm
A reading group to explore and discusses books that inspire, empower, and support positive transformation.