Community Events Archive

In early 2020 we began recording virtual events. Our hope is that these recordings extend the reach of the content we host and create opportunities for exchange at a distance. You can find recordings on our YouTube channel!


Audio Archives

Prior to 2020, we made a limited number of audio recordings from in-person events. Find these audio streams linked below.

Date Title Link
04/06/2020 An Introduction to Anarchism with Margarent Killjoy Listen
02/12/2020 Pan-African Social Ecology with Modibo Kadalie Listen
01/15/2020 Flint Taylor Presents "The Torture Machine: Racism and Police Violence in Chicago" Listen
12/07/2019 Embodying Transformative Justice with James T. Listen
09/30/2019 Ignite, Transform, Heal: A Conversation With CPC Listen
09/23/2019 Prisoner Solidarity: A Conversation With Asheville Prison Books Listen
09/16/2019 The Asheville Blade: A Conversation With David Forbes Listen
09/09/2019 Mutual Aid: A Conversation With Rural Organizing And Resilience Listen
09/02/2019 Harm Reduction: A Conversation with Steady Collective Listen
08/19/2019 ACAB 2019: A Conversation with Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfair Listen
05/30/2019 Matt Meyer & Mandy Carter Present: Intersectional and Intergenerational Organizing Listen
05/07/2019 Jenny Brown Presents "Birth Strike" Listen
05/04/2019 WUSSY Presents Queer Poetry Open Mic Listen
04/19/2019 "Corporate Greed and the Criminalization of Educators" Listen
03/23/2019 Walidah Imarisha Presents "Alternatives to Incarceration" Listen
03/05/2019 CAF Presents "Reproductive Justice and Abortion Access in NC" Listen
02/18/2019 Michael Roberto Presents "The Coming of the American Behemoth" Listen
01/12/2019 Bobby Sullivan Presents "Revolutionary Threads" Listen
11/24/2018 Flash Fiction Reading: Brielle Brilliant & Margaret Killjoy Listen
10/22/2018 Radical Spaces: A Conversation With Cindy Milstein Listen


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