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May 1st, 2019

Bulk Herb Giveaway

Leigh Hunt, the English essayist of the 19th century, wrote that May Day is "the union of the two best things in the world, the love of nature, and the love of each other." Our co-operative is celebrating this traditional Spring festival and anti-capitalist holiday with an herb giveaway!

Drop by our space on Wednesday between noon and 5pm to help yourself to a selection of organic, medicinal-quality herbs; including alfalfa leaf, catnip, echinacea, hibiscus, lemonbalm, nettle, olive leaf, passionflower, red clover, red raspberry, rose petal, and spearmint. These have been packaged and labeled in ziplock bags, each holding enough herb for around twenty cups of tea or a larger project such as a tincture.

Our co-op will be closing at 5pm to participate in the West Asheville May Day Celebration happening on Haywood Road.

* Limit three bags per visitor, while supplies last.

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