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Our co-operative has partnered with SeekHealing to offer books at this year's One Big Table fundraiser. Between December 4th and 6th, a portion of every sale will benefit the local nonprofit!

Behind the drug overdose and deaths of despair epidemic is a much greater loneliness epidemic: an increasing lack of meaningful connection in society, and the trauma that goes hand-in-hand with isolation. SeekHealing, an Asheville-based 501(c)3, is working to reduce drug overdoses and deaths of despair by providing free-of-charge mental health and holistic healing services.

Participants in this virtual fundraiser are invited to purchase the books below. During the event, these books and any others purchased online by One Big Table participants will benefit the nonprofit (i.e. feel free to shop any section of our website!).

Thank you for choosing an independent bookstore!

By purchasing books from our co-operative during this year's fundraiser you are supporting both a locally-owned small business and the work of an impactful nonprofit.

Speaker Titles

Don't miss the following titles by One Big Table presenters Gabor Maté, Hilary Jacobs Hendel, Shaunna Williams, Laura Juarez, Kenya Stevens, and Sarah Peyton!

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