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Our co-operative has partnered with Community Housing Coalition (CHC) of Madison County. Between March 1st and 5th, 2021, a portion of every sale will benefit the local nonprofit's work to provide safe, healthy, and affordable housing for those in need.

CHC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that serves Madison County by facilitating home repair, rehabilitation, and the creation of new affordable housing through bridging people and resources, one home and one neighbor at a time.

During the fundraiser, the books below and any others purchased online will benefit the nonprofit (i.e. feel free to shop any section of our website!). You can also support the work of CHC by making a direct donation or volunteering your time at chcmadisoncountync.org.

Thank you for choosing an indie bookstore!

By purchasing books from our co-operative during this year's fundraiser you are supporting both a locally-owned small business and the work of an impactful nonprofit.

Local Matters

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Books that relate to Appalachia, homesteading, and more! 

Recommendations from CHC

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Books that provoked thoughtful discussion in our workplace around CHC's impact and organization.

Staff Favorites at CHC

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A look at some of our staff's personal interests!