By Gayatri Sethi

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Gayatri Sethi's genre-bending debut is a vulnerable meditation on diaspora and creating solidarity within the margins of the margins. In one of my favorite passages, Sethi offers, "may our existence be a balm." This book is a balm to those who have been othered in spaces that have claimed to love us. Unbelonging also demands accountability of those who use our own marginalized status to shield us from the part we play in upholding Imperialist White Supremacist Heteropatriarchy - bell hooks and other radical voices are frequently cited within these pages. There are journal prompts as well as spaces for the reader to contribute their own thoughts directly onto the page. If you do decide to accept this invitation (I recommend it!) your copy will become entirely unique to you.  The deeply moving verses contained within Unbelonging are to be savored!

Esmé, Firestorm Collective member

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Mango & Marigold Press (8/17/21)

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