The Spud Paperback

By Brielle Brilliant

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After murdering 12 people at a bakery in Driggs, Idaho, Anthony Paxton turns the gun on himself and shoots. In the aftermath, his brother works as a deliveryman, haunted by Anthony's journey from founding the antisocial group Damning the Damned to killing all those people. The constant replaying of those memories is only interrupted once a girl from the local high school jumps into his delivery truck with a gun of her own and no clear agenda.
Brielle Brilliant's debut is a flash-fiction novel for fans of Natural Born Killers and Badlands, thrusting them into a world of violence, guns, sex, and existentialism. With a form inspired by great indie cinema, the story unfolds in scenes associatively, delivering an emotionally wrenching ride alongside lusty teen rebellion.

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119 pages
Featherproof Books (11/6/18)
5.98 x 0 x 5.75 inches