Anarchism in Latin America Paperback

By Ángel J. Cappelletti, Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez

The available material in English discussing Latin American anarchism tends to be fragmentary, country-specific, or focused on single individuals. This new translation of �ngel Cappelletti's wide-ranging, country-by-country historical overview of anarchism's social and political achievements in fourteen Latin American nations is one of the few book-length regional histories ever published in English. With a foreword by the translator.

�ngel J. Cappelletti (1927-1995) was an Argentinian philosopher who taught at Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela. He is the author of over forty works primarily investigating philosophy and anarchism.

Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Youngstown State University.

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440 pages
AK Press (2/20/18)
5.24 x 1.38 x 7.99 inches