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Feb 5th, 2013

Hibernation Hours

Starting on February 11th, we will be observing new Winter Hours, with a closing time of 9pm, Monday through Thursday. We will remain open, as before, until 10pm on Friday and Sunday!

Jan 31st, 2013

Buy a Book, Fund a Dream!

This week we're offering 15% off all books and zines, with a portion of every sale going to support Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse, a worker-owned and collectively-run infoshop in Baltimore, MD.

Jan 8th, 2013

The Fabulous Fringe

We're proud to announce our sponsorship of the Fringe Arts Festival, featuring artists exploring the edges of their work, through collaborate and innovative performance. Check it out!

Dec 20th, 2012

Holiday Gift List (2012 Roll Call Edition)

We've prepared a special list of holiday gift ideas, custom tailored for your varied friends and family members!

Dec 17th, 2012

Gift Local, Gift Co-operative

We're discounting our entire inventory of radical and independent literature this week! Click here for more details and our holiday hours.

Nov 21st, 2012

Black & Read Friday

Join us this week for our annual book sale on the day after Thanksgiving! You'll save 20% to 30% on all new books and help sustain our work as a cooperative space and community resource.

Nov 12th, 2012

Broaden Your Horizons

We're officially participating in the 2013 Asheville Go Local Directory. Fifteen dollars gets you an annual membership, funds public education and gets you big discounts on books!

Nov 1st, 2012

Early Birds

We've got 2013 Slingshot and We'Moon Datebooks! Set yourself up for success in the new year with 10% off all planners during the month of November.

Oct 12th, 2012

A Grand reOpening

The future has arrived! Join us to celebrate a new chapter in our history on Monday, October 29th. We'll mark this Grand Reopening with free coffee, huge discounts and enough helium balloons to make the fire marshal nervous! Don't. miss. it.

Oct 11th, 2012

Feminine Flora

Come visit us at this weekend's SE Women's Herbal Conference! We're serving up fresh coffee & literature in collaboration with our friends at Equal Exchange and Chelsea Green Publishing on Friday, October 12th through Sunday, October 14th.

Sep 13th, 2012

Renovation Sale

Moving bookshelves is hard work! Help us lighten our labor with 15-20% off all books and zines on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week.

Sep 4th, 2012

Renew, Renovate, Reinvigorate

We are excited to announce that we will be closing for a month to carry out significant improvements to our space and a comprehensive review of our organizational structure. We plan to reopen on October 16th. Find out how you can help!