Year-End Sale

December 12th, 2013

Dear Friends & Allies,

Around this time of year, it seems natural to look back and reflect on all that has happened: the transformation and growth, the good along with the bad. It is staggering to think about how different Firestorm was when we opened five years ago, and when we recall the seemingly countless steps that got us to the present day, it is tempting to see change as the only constant in our history.

But this would be untrue, because the other thing that hasn't changed in all this time is YOU. We have always been able to count on the support of the people in our community, who have demonstrated time and again how much they care about this project and want it to succeed.

You are people who value models that advance worker self-management and non-hierarchical decision-making; who find in Firestorm a place to encounter ideas that challenge dominant paradigms and meet others who seek similar “lines of flight” from dominator culture; locals and travelers, students, and activists, you have used our space and resources to launch and sustain your own projects, or simply to pursue enjoyable and meaningful lives. You know what Firestorm is for, and how to use it for creating better lives and a better world.

So while many of us are uncomfortable with the rampant consumerism of the holiday season, we ask that if you plan on buying gifts for loved ones in the coming weeks, that you consider doing some of your shopping at Firestorm. We're offering 15% to 25% off all literature through the end of the year when you visit our downtown storefront. Or, shop online and get free shipping by entering promo code “LYSANDER” during checkout.

When folks choose to support us, it lets us know that we are on the right track—that our community sees what we do and how we do it as important. And yes, we also depend on this type of support to keep us in the black—which, as you know, is what looks best on Firestorm ;) Whether it's just one little sticker or an armload of books, whatever you purchase at Firestorm this season will go a long way to ensuring we can stick around to meet the next adventure. Whatever that is, we know we won't be meeting it alone.

Warm Winter Wishes,
The Firestorm Collective
Asheville, NC

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Eberhardt Stationary Eberhardt Stationary ($3.00 to $5.00)
    Our favorite producer of hand-crafted books and pamphlets, Eberhardt Press offers blank notebooks and journals with unique designs and remarkably affordable prices.
  2. Organic, Fair Trade Coffee & Tea ($3.50 to $12.00)
    Had a good cup of coffee or tea at Firestorm this year? Share the experience with a bag of fresh beans from our partners at Equal Exchange or loose-leaf tea and herb blends!
  3. Art Prints Art Prints ($4.00 to $35.00)
    From giant squid to maps of the solar system, we’ve got posters and small form art prints by independent artists you’ll love; including Corina Dross, Emily Winfield Martin and Nikki McClure.
  4. 2014 Datebooks, Organizers and Planners ($6.00 to $18.95)
    From the Justseeds Collective’s objet d'art datebooks to We’Moon’s goddess-infused astrological calendars, we’re prepared to make a compelling case for leaving your smartphone in the office next year!
  5. $10 and Under ShelfBooks: “$10 and Under” (<= $10.00)
    We recently introduced a new book section featuring books with petite prices. From literary classics to back-pocket guidebooks and contemporary manifestos, you’ll find our “$10 and Under” shelf full of highly giftable gems!

  6. Books: Outspoken Authors Series ($12.00)
    Our friends at PM Press have spent the last five years working with the world’s edgiest fiction writers to showcase their most provocative and politically challenging stories in paperback form.

  7. Feminist Playing Cards Feminist Playing Cards ($20.00)
    Fourteen feminist artists teamed up to create this unique deck of illustrated playing cards, featuring 56 influential feminist music icons, to preserve a history that is chronically overlooked and underrepresented.
  8. WePot Ceramics ($14.00 to $32.00)
    Beautiful hand crafted mugs, teapots and bowls from the Women Emerging Potters (WePot), a local artists collective seeking to create space and visibility for emerging ceramicists.

  9. WePot Ceramics Gift Certificates
    Not sure if they've read that title yet? Hedge your bet with a "choose your own adventure" gift. Our certificates are good for anything in the store, have no hidden fees and never expire!