We're Hiring!

April 25th, 2015

Updated 5/7/15 -- We are no longer accepting resumes. Thanks to everyone who applied for the positions listed below!

Have you ever wanted to own a bookstore or a cafe? Like a generous helping of egalitarianism in your workplace? Wake up every day hoping to challenge and be challenged? Check out the job descriptions linked below for a part time barista and full or part time bookseller.

If you're interested and have the required skills and qualifications, please send a resume and cover letter to cafe@firestorm.coop or bookstore@firestorm.coop, respectively.

Bookseller Job Description
Barista Job Description

Individuals from traditionally-marginalized communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

About Our Co-operative

Firestorm Books & Coffee is a seven-year old worker co-operative with roots in Asheville's activist and anarchist communities. We operate without a boss or general manager and work together as a collective, making decisions using formal consensus process. Our business operates with a goal of generating value for its workers and its community rather than accruing profit.

Prospective membership is available to individuals who believe that they might be interested in owning a share of our co-operative. Over the course of six to nine months, a prospective member will have the opportunity to become intimately familiar with our collective, and vice versa. At the end of this period the prospective member may be invited to continue their work as an owner in a salaried position.