The Cafe Is Dead, Long Live the Cafe!

The Cafe Is Dead, Long Live the Cafe!

May 19th, 2018

At the beginning of the year we phased out our full-service cafe in order to expand our bookstore. This month we're completing the process with the launch of a new self-serve station.

Our self-serve station offers the same great organic, fair trade coffee and tea that was previously available in our cafe. Enjoying a drip coffee or tea in-store? It's still just a buck if you're drinking while you browse or if you've brought your own mug. You can't get a better cup of coffee in WNC for a better deal!

Also available at the self-serve station: fair trade dried mango and chocolate minis from Equal Exchange, muffins from West End Bakery, and locally made cookies and brownies. So check it out!

But Why Drop the Cafe?

Our collective operated a full-service cafe for almost ten years. During that time a lot changed... Vegan options became common -- when we started no one offered almond or coconut milks and many coffee shops charged extra for soy! At the same time, we built collective confidence in our ability to run a bookstore -- starting with just a few shelves, we grew our selection into a full store with a unique niche that delights both local patrons and visitors.

As we started the new year, circumstances led us to re-evaluate our business model and we realized that we had the opportunity to scale up the parts of Firestorm that align most closely with our mission and vision. Like all decisions, this was a trade-off. We've chosen to focus on books and community events over lattes and sandwiches because that's what we think our community needs, and that's where our passions are strongest!