Prison Abolition Is Reproductive Justice

Prison Abolition Is Reproductive Justice

May 30th, 2019

It feels like the fight over reproductive rights has reached a crescendo, with seventeen states approving abortion bans since January. These restrictions disproportionately target our region, the Southeast, and our communities are organizing to fight back. In May we hosted events with the Carolina Abortion Fund and feminist organizer Jenny Brown (Birth Strike) to talk strategy and deepen our analysis of the root causes (hint: it isn't all about religion). Missed the talks? You can stream them from your phone or computer!

We know that new abortion bans are an explicit threat of violence against women and transgender individuals, whether through the ongoing violence of incarceration or the barbaric violence of judicial execution. But in America, marginalized individuals—particularly poor, Black, and Native folks—are already subjected to bodily restrictions and daily abuse for noncompliance (including prosecution for terminated pregnancies). It's crucial that we connect the struggle for reproductive freedom with that of prison abolition because our enemies have made it clear that imprisonment and policing are the tools of repression they'll use against us in Post-Roe America. This June we invite you to join us for abolitionist events at our co-op:

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Meet our co-op's newest member, Julius! This little guy comes by way of Woof Meow Rescue and loves peanut butter, back scratches, and feminist memoir.

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"Because [bookstores] have so much value and purpose for marginalized people and egalitarian social movements, and are crucial for free and critical thought in general, they are seen by fascists as a loathsome and existential threat."


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What does our co-op distribute more of than books? Free prophylactics, courtesy of WNCAP! It's 2019 and the spread of reproductive tools and knowledge is a revolutionary act.