June 11th Political Prisoners Fundraiser

June 11th Political Prisoners Fundraiser

June 5th, 2023

For June 11th, the International Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners, we will be donating the net proceeds from ALL sales—in-store & online at firestorm.coop—to support nine individuals who are serving extended sentences for their political activism: Bill Dunne, Daniel Baker, Jennifer Amelia Rose, Malik Muhammad, Marius Mason, Michael Kimble, Noah “Kado” Coffin, Sean Swain, and Xinachtli.

Every June 11th, we mark this International Day of Solidarity by showing our support for those who risked their freedom throwing a wrench in the gears of oppression. Some of these folks, such as Marius Mason, have participated in direct actions against corporate greed and exploitation of the earth. Others were sentenced for the roles they played during the 2020 uprisings against police brutality.

Last year we raised $500 and we'd love to double that! 💚 🕊️ We are not putting a ceiling on sales—everything you purchase from our co-op on Sunday, June 11th materially supports these folks' survival needs and/or legal fees.

Learn about the history of June 11, read this year's beautiful call, and more at june11.org 🏴