Holiday Gift List (2012 Roll Call Edition)

December 20th, 2012

There are only a few days left to grab those last-minute Christmas presents, belated Hannukah tchotchkes, Solstice offerings and joyous Kwanzaa gifts. We know the anxiety is running high as you consider your hard-to-buy-for friends and relatives, so we've compiled a list of unique gift ideas for your raucous radicals, serious squares and other niche compañeros. Best of all, you can find all of these great gifts at Firestorm Cafe & Books, your friendly local anarchist cooperative!

The Progressive Parents
You know they've got yoga lessons for their indigo children, but are they really taking care of themselves? Here's some gifts that could help!

  1. Nikki McClure Prints
    Celebrated papercut artist Nikki McClure's work has become a staple in kitchens, offices and schools. Each of these finely printed posters feature strong images of everyday life, with a powerful verb that inspires action. Check them out on our walls!
  2. Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood
    Combining the best of the award-winning magazine Rad Dad and the Daddy Dialectic, this compilation features essays
    leaving no stone unturned in the discussion of being a dad.
  3. Don't Leave Your Friends Behind
    A collection of suggestions, tips, and narratives on ways everyone can support parents, children, and caregivers involved in social movements, this book focuses on social justice, mutual aid and collective liberation.

Those Conscious Kids (Ages 4 - 10)
These kids are too hip for another Barbie and can already recite The Lorax from start to finish. Here are some unique gifts that will please.

  1. Stickers and Buttons
    Perfect as stocking stuffers and small gifts, we've got nifty swag with designs that are artsy, funny, gutsy and geeky. All for $3 or less!
  2. A Rule Is To Break: A Child's Guide to Anarchy
    Publicly decried by the Tea Party, this playful book follows Wild Child as she learns about just being herself and how that translates into kid autonomy.
  3. Vegan is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action
    Acclaimed author-illustrator Ruby Roth introduces young readers to veganism as a lifestyle of compassion and action.

That Conservative Relative
Seeing your uncle at the family reunion is always a challenge. He's half middle school bully and half drill sergeant, so what can you gift to bridge the gap? We've got a few ideas.

  1. Eberhardt Stationary
    Our favorite producer of hand-crafted books and pamphlets, Eberhardt Press offers blank notebooks and journals with unique designs and remarkably affordable prices.
  2. The Politics of Jesus
    Ethicist and theologian John Yoder critically examines the traditional portrait of Jesus as an apolitical figure and attempts to clarify the true impact of Jesus' life, work, and teachings on his disciples' social behavior.
  3. Red State Rebels
    This book offers just a few snapshots of grassroots resistance that is taking place in the forgotten heartland of America. The stakes are high and the odds are long and the battles are waged over the essentials of life: water, food, wilderness and human liberty.

Your Disorganized Friend
He can't keep track of his keys, so you know he's likely to arrive late and empty-handed to the holiday party. Still, it would be nice if you had something for him...

  1. Bookmark Pads
    These sturdy paper bookmarks do double duty for students and book lovers alike. Ideal for slow readers or those who rarely finish books!
  2. 2013 Datebooks, Planners and Calendars
    A wide selection of gorgeous (and useful!) pocket organizers from Slingshot!, We'Moon, Little Otsu, and the Just Seeds Artists' Cooperative. Prices range from $6-19.
  3. Organize!: Building from the Local for Global Justice
    Penned by a diverse range of activists, academics, lawyers, artists, and researchers, this book weaves a rich and varied tapestry of strategies for bringing about change in an era of unprecedented economic, social, and ecological crisis.

Your Feminist Relative
First year Women's Studies have been transformational for your niece and all ze can talk about is last week's Take Back the Night demonstration. Here are some gifts that will help to erase the memory of last year's lipstick totebag gaffe...

  1. Redefining our Relationships
    Put together your own version of an ideal relationship, embrace the full capacity of your heart to express love, redefine the potential of a friendship, imagine a thousand ways to make love to yourself and to anyone else you care about.
  2. The Encyclopedia of Doris
    Celebrated local zinester Cindy Crabb writes with an inspiring level of honesty and compassion, exploring subjects like consent, feminism, abortion, death, self-image, creativity, shyness, queer identity, addiction and anarchism in ways that embrace the complexities each issue holds.
  3. WePot Ceramics
    Beautiful hand crafted mugs, teapots and bowls from the Women Emerging Potters (WePot), a local artists collective seeking to create space and visibility for emerging ceramicists.

The Activist Friend
From pestering you to sign an online petition to ride her bike to work, your activist buddy is always working to make the world a better place. So really, where else would you find her a holiday gift, but Firestorm?

  1. Guy Fawkes Masks & Bandannas
    Omnipresent at protests and rallies, these stylized masks were popularized by Alan Moore's V for Vendetta but made famous by Anonymous hacktivists.
  2. People's History Posters
    The Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative produces over a dozen designs (most featured on our walls!) celebrating individuals and movements throughout history who have dared themselves, and us, to fight for a more just world.
  3. Semiotext(e)'s Intervention Series
    The Intervention Series offers polemical texts by intellectual agitators. Short, engaged, and highly focused manifestos, essays and critiques, these palm-sized salvos address a variety of political and cultural topics. Titles include: The Coming Insurrection, The Femicide Machine, A Thousand Machines and more!

The Artsy Coworker
They're decorating the office with paper-crafted ornaments, so you know they're excited about the holiday party. But what gift will rival those felted organic mittens they made you last year? We think we know!

  1. Cloth Patches
    Political bumper stickers are sooo last decade. We stock screen printed fabric patches for your clothes, bags and home in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors.
  2. Signal, Vol 1 & 2
    Signal is an ongoing book series dedicated to documenting and sharing compelling graphics, art projects, and cultural movements of international resistance and liberation struggles. A unique and irreplaceable resource for activist artists and academic researchers, as well as an active forum for critique of the role of art in revolution!
  3. Portable Fortitude Playing Cards
    Featuring art by radical illustrator Corina Dross, these enchanting cards are inspired by anxious concern for friends and loved ones, with each design imbued with love and protection.

Because not all of our friends and family members fit neatly into social archetypes...

  1. Gift Certificates
    Not sure if they've read that title yet? Hedge your bet with a "choose your own adventure" gift. Our certificates are good for anything in the store, have no hidden fees and never expire!

When we say we're "community powered," we mean it! So, this season, as you gather together with friends and family for the holidays, why not spend your money at a co-operative? When you give gifts bought from co-operative businesses, you're sharing your holiday giving with every worker and helping to create a better world for us all.