Greener Pastures, Literally

March 1st, 2013

Firestorm Cafe & Books, downtown Asheville's cooperative community event space, is proud to announce the initiation of a new partnership with Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary, a ten year old safe haven for over 80 rescued animals in Leicester, NC.

Starting today, a portion of the revenue from beverages sold at Firestorm Cafe & Books will be donated to Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary. According to Firestorm Collective member Travis Schuette, “While we feature delicious vegan alternatives to dairy, we know that for some customers, milk preferences are non-negotiable. So as a cafe, it's easy to feel stuck. We believe that by acknowledging the harm associated with animal exploitation we can open a conversation with our patrons and simultaneously redirect resources to animal advocates in our community.” The cafe – which offers organic coconut, almond and soy milks at no extra cost – charges $0.25 to substitute local, organic whole milk. 100% of this surcharge will go to the sanctuary.

Situated on 25 lush, green acres, Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary was founded by Rob Levy with early support from the Asheville Vegan Society. Today it is home to pigs, sheep, chickens, peacocks, dogs, a donkey and goats who would otherwise be killed or endure lives of suffering. The sanctuary is a 501(C)3 nonprofit charity and operates with the support of 20 to 30 volunteers and community funding. Schools, churches, families and other groups are welcome to tour the site and meet the animals.

Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary is currently raising funds to buy new pens and shelters for animals needing protection from the elements and predators. Individuals wishing to contribute to this effort can make tax-deductible donations directly, or while visiting Firestorm Cafe & Books at 48 Commerce Street. Thanks to the support of an anonymous foundation, every donation made between now and April 1st will receive matching funds, making March a crucial opportunity for sanctuary fundraising.

Animal advocacy isn't new to Firestorm Cafe & Books, which has previously supported the work of Mercy for Animals, hosted animal rights film nights and a monthly vegan reading group. “We know that the best way to win folks over to veganism is to make it irresistible,” notes Firestorm Collective member Thistle Pass. “That's why we put so much love into our menu and book selection, both of which reflect our ideals without getting preachy.

For more information on Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary, see To schedule a sanctuary tour or to contribute to the nonprofit's expansion fundraiser, please contact Rob Levy at (828) 683-5709 or visit. For more information on Firestorm Cafe & Books, see