Support Incarcerated Readers!

Support Incarcerated Readers!

September 10th, 2019

Asheville Prison Books is starting a correspondence book club with incarcerated folks at facilities across NC, and they need your help to make this new initiative possible. Today through Wednesday, September 18th, you can visit Firestorm IRL, give us a call, or use the button below to purchase a copy of Fire on the Mountain for one of their 10 registered participants and get 10% off!

How does a correspondence book club work?

"Along with their copy of the book, we'll send each participant a packet of relevant historic information, some guided reading questions, and a response page. After one month, we'll compile the responses we receive into a journal, which we'll send to participants so they can see each other's responses, which may include essays, poems, artwork, or any other format folks choose!"

About Asheville Prison Books

"Asheville Prison Books is a volunteer-run collective which has distributed free books to people incarcerated in the southeast since 1999. People locked up in North and South Carolina write to us requesting reading material, and we fulfill these requests from a library of mostly donated books. We then gather monthly to package the books up for mailing out. In addition to sending books, APB attempts to educate and engage our community in dialogue through public events, media, and advocacy around issues of mass incarceration, prison slavery, and our vision of a world without cages."