Coffee, Just a Buck

Coffee, Just a Buck

September 1st, 2017

Our co-op has dropped the price of drip coffee to just one dollar! That's right, Asheville, you can now enjoy organic, fair trade coffee at gas station prices. We're taking this step to ensure that, amid the ongoing gentrification of West Asheville's Haywood Road, our co-op will remain affordable and welcoming to the entire community.

Our coffee may be cheap, but it's exceptionally high quality! We've choosen to source beans from Equal Exchange because we believe that our products should reflect our values.

  • Cooperative
    Equal Exchange is a worker co-operative, meaning that the company is owned by those who work within it (just like us!), and purchases only beans from small farmer cooperatives. Our's is the only cup in town that is created entirely by cooperatives from coffee cherry to steaming mug!

  • Fair Trade
    Equal Exchange is know for being the company that helped launch the Fair Trade movement in North America. Although the domestic Fair Trade standards have been under attack by capitalist enterprises like Whole Foods (now owned by Amazon), Equal has Exchange has remained committed to social justice through the entire supply chain.

  • Organic & Delicious
    Equal Exchange coffees are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, an internationally recognized symbol of organic integrity. Certification plus rigorous quality control mechanisms ensure that their roasts are always top quality.

Equal Exchange beans are also available from our co-op in 1 lb bags.

* Promotional price available in-house only and does not apply to carry-out orders.