Change Everything

Change Everything

April 9th, 2021

Surely nothing could be more unrealistic than to keep everything the way it is and expect different results... No piecemeal solution will serve; we need to rethink everything according to a different logic.

At the beginning of the year our collective contributed to the reprint of "To Change Everything," a beautiful pamphlet first published in 2015 by CrimethInc to introduce anarchism to a new audience. The freely distributed booklet eloquently presents a critique of authority, control, hierarchy, borders, representation, leaders, government, profit, and property juxtaposed with an anarchist vision of self-determination, relationships built on trust, interconnection, desire, and disobedience.

Sound interesting? You can grab "To Change Everything" at our co-op anytime. Alternately, mention it when you place a mail order and we'll include a copy with your books!

You can also read "To Change Everything" online or watch a great video adaptation from subMedia.