Help Us Send Books to Prisoners!

Help Us Send Books to Prisoners!

June 23rd, 2021

Our friends at Asheville Prison Books have put together a wishlist of highly requested items including journals, dictionaries, and almanacs. These items provide a crucial source of information and self-expression for incarcerated folks.

"As a project rooted in anti-authoritarian politics, APB rejects the traditional framing of prison as a solution for crime or as a vehicle for rehabilitation; instead we understand prison as an institution on the front lines of upholding an unjust social and economic order based in large part on white supremacy. Finding ways to connect with, humanize and meet the every day needs of incarcerated people is a crucial part of building collective power to challenge the legitimacy of this repressive institution."—Asheville Prison Books

You can purchase titles off of the wishlist here and we will make sure they get where they need to go!

"Free Them All" graphic by Justseeds artist Josh MacPhee.