A Grand reOpening

October 12th, 2012

The future has arrived!

Join us to celebrate a much-anticipated new chapter in our history! On Monday, October 29th we'll be hosting a day long Grand reOpening Celebration. As a thank-you to everyone who has supported our work, we'll mark the occasion with free coffee, 15 to 25% off all books and zines and enough helium balloons to make the fire marshal nervous.

So what's new around here? We've been closed for over a month and during that time our space and our business have undergone a lot of changes. Gone are the industrial carpeting and the dingy yellow walls. We've got a new color palette, tiled bathrooms, fresh fixtures, a laptop bar, new public internet terminals, a significantly expanded book inventory and oodles of other small improvements for you to enjoy.

Our revised menu features plenty of ready-made noms, local bagels in several savory and sweet styles, house-mixed flavored cream cheeses, new specialty beverages and a long-requested half sandwich, half soup lunch combo. And that's just the beginning! We plan to keep rolling out additions throughout the next two months.