2019 Sustainers Drive

2019 Sustainers Drive

September 1st, 2019

Every year our co-operative does a sustainers drive with the goal of securing commitments from community members to help us underwrite grassroots community work for another year. This year we're trying something new with a podcast series! Each episode will feature an interview with a different organization that utilizes our space.

Our Community Sustainers Program ensures that our co-operative continues to have the resources needed to do grassroots community work that is unmonetized and accessible to all. This includes hosting over 200 free and unique events per year, providing space for numerous activist organizations, offering free computer access, regularly donating resources to local changemakers, and acting as a platform for the community work of our members. Sign up, or renew, today!

Podcast Schedule

No. Episode / Interviewee Date Link
1 Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfair August 19th Listen now
2 The Steady Collective September 2nd Listen now
3 Rural Organizing and Resilience September 9th Listen now
4 The Asheville Blade September 16th Listen now
5 Asheville Prison Books September 23rd Listen now
6 The Center for Participatory Change September 30th Listen now

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