September 25th, 2017

For the rest of September, we're participating in Banned Books Week by featuring titles that have been censored in the North Carolina prison system, including The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and Jailhouse Lawyers by Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Drop by our store to see the display or check out the complete list from BooksToPrisoners.net!

Sustaining & Upgrading

It's been nearly a year since we launched our Community Sustainers Program to support grassroots community work by our collective. Among other things, this program has allowed us to offer workshops, author events, discussion and support groups, film screenings, and the occasional performance at no cost. Sustainers also helped us undertake infrastructure improvements in our community room, including the installation of additional (super bright!) lighting.

Building on this, we have some specific upgrades planned for 2018, including new chairs and a chair storage system that will increase the flexibility and comfort of our community room. To undertake this upgrade and continue to offer a wide range of events free of charge, we need to sign up 75 new sustainers by the end of the year.

If you are aren't already a sustainer but love community bookstores, social justice co-ops, or grassroots activism, please consider signing up now!

Already a sustainer and wanna pitch in a lil' more? You can make a one-time donation.

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