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A sexy new collabs from author Sarah Mirk and artists Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre, "Open Earth" is one third latinx coming of age story, one third sci-fi space drama, and one third non-monogamy teaching tool. If you woke up today needing a spanglish, body positive, trans-inclusive rom-com graphic novel... this one's for you! (And maybe, like me, you didn't know you needed such a thing until this very moment, but that's OK, welcome to the party!)
Marianne's book tells the stories of two families β€” one White, one Black β€” as they react to a police shooting in their community and explore the importance of sticking up for people who are treated unfairly. It was published by the American Psychological Association and designed as a resource for parents and educators.
Yaaaaall, these middle grade graphic novels about magic and gender and family are perfect. Not only is the adorable protagonist's desire to learn sorcery an overt metaphor for being trans, but the "big bad" turns out to be transmisogyny (though, not in so many words because Molly is writing for kiddos). Full of wonderful, racially diverse characters, this book is written with a clear eye towards children who are queer or have queer friends and family. But seriously, I can't imagine who wouldn't freak out over these gems!