Welcome Visitors!

Welcome Visitors!

We're excited to be participating in this year's Herb Symposium as the virtual bookseller.

Firestorm is a twelve year old bookstore co-operative in Asheville, NC. We've been attending Medicines from the Earth since 2013, so you may have previously met us in person.

In an effort to recreate a little bit of the magic of the conference book booth we've compiled titles below that are recommended by instructors or otherwise of significant interest. We also think that you might find books relevant to your journey in other sections of our catalog, including: Herbalism, Mind & Body, Field Guides, and Mycology. There's a full list of our categories here.

Thank you for choosing to buy from an independent bookstore!

By purchasing books from our co-operative during this year's conference you are supporting both a unique, brick-and-mortar shop as well as the Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium itself.

Recommended Clinical Herbalism

These books offer evidence-based models for herbal medicine in a healthcare setting.

Recommended Healing Traditions

These titles explore diverse histories and healing modalities from around the world.

Recommended Medicine Making

These essential compendiums offer practical instruction for growing, harvesting, preparing, and using herbs.

Recommended Body, Mind & Spirit

This selection of books explores the intersection of scientific and sacred teachings to heal the mind and body.

Recommended Botanical Field Guides

These practical guides introduce the native plants (and mushrooms!) all around us.