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Apr 4th, 2024

The Frontlines Against Green Capitalism

Drawing from contemporary frontline struggles against colonialism and ecocide, author Xander Dunlap reveals the failures of mainstream debate around climate change. In conversation with translator Carlos Tornel, this event will explore energy justice, capitalist warfare, and decolonization.

New from Pluto Press, Xander's This System is Killing Us is an insider look at the catastrophic effects of energy infrastructure and mining on communities, their land, and our planet. Xander spent almost a decade living and working with indigenous activists worldwide to uncover evidence of repression and activism of people and their environment in the wake of untamed capitalist growth. From Zapotec and Ikoot people struggling against wind energy projects in Oaxaca, Mexico, to the violence of the Hambach mine in the German Rhineland, Xander presents the truth that lies behind the green re-branding of capitalism that social movements in the Global North have been slow to challenge.

Xander Dunlap is a postdoctoral research fellow at Boston University, USA, and a visiting research fellow in the Global Development Studies Department, University of Helsinki, Finland. Their work has critically examined police-military transformations, market-based conservation, wind energy development and extractive projects more generally in Latin America, Europe and the United States. They have written numerous books, most recently Enforcing Ecocide: Power, Policing and Planetary Militarization. They are a long-time participant in anti-police, squatting and environmental movements.

Carlos Tornel is a writer, researcher, translator and activist living in Mexico City. He holds a PhD in Human Geography from Durham University in the UK. His work has focused on the politicization of the climate crisis, the decolonization of energy justice and transitions and the ontological openings created by pluriversal struggles in México. Some of his publications include Gustavo Esteva: life and work of a deprofesionalized intellectual (currently being translated into English) and articles which have appeared in Progress In Human Geography, the Journal of Political Ecology and the Review of International Political Economy. He is part of the Global Tapestry of Alternatives.

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