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Sunday, Jun 23rd, 4:00pm – 6:00pm ET

Abolitionist Reading Club

Every fourth Sunday since January 2024

Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross (BRABC) is excited to host a monthly discussion of issues pertaining to incarceration and the penal system in the USA through study and discussion of essays and zines by captured comrades and their allies. Based on the Oakland Abolition and Solidarity team-up with True Leap Press, we'll provide links to, or paper copies of, zines for discussion. Readings, dates and more can be found at brabc.blackblogs.org/abolitionist-reading-club.

BRABC is a collective of anarchists who believe that jails and prisons, rather than offering a solution to the harms people commit against themselves and their communities, instead make social problems worse. They are a prison abolitionist organization, which is to say they are part of a wider movement working towards an end of incarceration and the creation of alternative, transformative forms of justice in our society.

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