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Sunday, Jun 18th, 1:00pm – 3:00pm ET

Asheville Prison Books Packaging Party

Every third Sunday since January 2022

This event is currently moving around to other locations. Check the organizer's social media for updates!

Asheville Prison Books (APB) is a volunteer-run collective which has distributed free reading material to people incarcerated in North and South Carolina since 1999. The group's monthly (3rd Sundays of the month) packaging party is an opportunity for new folks to learn about APB and plug in!

Asheville Prison Books is a prison abolitionist project. They send books to folks who are locked up because it is one of the best ways to show solidarity with them. As a project rooted in anti-authoritarian politics, APB views prison as a tool the State uses to uphold an unjust social and economic order based in large part on white supremacy. When dealing with a system that thrives on dehumanization and isolation, finding ways to connect with and meet the every day needs of incarcerated people is a crucial part of challenging the legitimacy of this repressive institution. Learn more at avlpb.org

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