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Sunday, Dec 3rd, 3:00pm – 5:00pm ET

Political Prisoner Letter Writing

Every first Sunday since March 2022

Each month on 1st Sundays, join members of Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross for an afternoon of solidarity with long term political prisoners: people who have been incarcerated due to their activism and resistance to systems of domination and oppression. We come together each month to celebrate their birthdays by sending words of encouragement and support. We let them know that they--and their sacrifices for our movements--are never far from our minds and hearts.

Continuously showing up for comrades who have had large chunks of their lifetimes stolen by the State is crucial solidarity work. If you have ever sat in a jail cell--for even one night--you know how important it is to show folks they are not alone on the inside. If you haven't seen the inside of a prison cell (and we hope you never do!), you can probably imagine how mentally and emotionally taxing it is to lose control over your physical self and surroundings. For those facing this reality, especially for years and even decades, any reminder of support and connection from the outside means more than most of us can imagine. We know because our comrades tell us again and again, it is no exaggeration: LETTERS SAVE LIVES!

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