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Sunday, Mar 26th, 4:00pm – 5:30pm ET

Asheville Animal Rights Reading Group

Every fourth Sunday since January 2023

The Animal Rights Reading Group is currently reading My Days of Dark Green Euphoria by A. E. Copenhaver.

Animals - loved, exploited, endangered, revered, killed, abused - who are they? Can we really know, and isn't each individual and not a representative of an entire species? Join participants to discuss these and many, many other questions around the furred, the four-legged, the winged, finned, webbed, the tiny and the large, and humanity's interactions with, responsibility to and for them. This group takes an animal-rights based philosophy, and looks at fiction, non-fiction, poetry and even articles to learn, to enjoy, and to figure out how we might be best of service to helping and saving these species we share the world with.

Please note: this group is aware of the intersection of oppressions and strives to find books and articles related to animal rights and connected struggles—but as an animal rights group, non-humans are the primary focus.

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