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May 8th, 2021

Indigenous Resistance in Europe’s Far North

The Sámi, who have inhabited Europe's far north for thousands of years, are often referred to as the continent's "forgotten people." With Sápmi, their traditional homeland, divided between four nation-states--Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia--the Sámi have experienced the profound oppression and discrimination that characterize the fate of indigenous people worldwide. Yet the Sámi have shown incredible resilience, defending their identity and their territories and retaining an important social and ecological voice--even if many, progressives and leftists included, refuse to listen.

Liberating Sápmi is a stunning journey through Sápmi and includes in-depth interviews with Sámi artists, activists, and scholars boldly standing up for the rights of their people. Join author Gabriel Kuhn, in conversation with Sámi activist Niillas Somby, as they discuss the Sámi's ongoing fight for justice and self-determination.

Gabriel Kuhn is a writer and translator based in Sweden. In English, most of his books have appeared with PM Press. He runs the blog LeftTwoThree.

Niillas Somby has worked as a reindeer herder, sailor, mechanic, photographer, and journalist. He is a longtime Sámi activist, who spent a number of years on Turtle Island, sheltered by First Nations protecting him from the reach of the Norwegian judicial system. 

Content Warning: This event may include discussion of violence and racism.

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