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Nov 16th, 2020

Beyond Survival Book Club

Every second, third, fourth and fifth Monday from October 2020 until November 2020

A five week series discussing the recent collection “Beyond Survival: Strategies and Stories from the Transformative Justice Movement”. Hosted by local grassroots community organizer Xelba, participants can expect to dream, weave, and scheme together the kinds of relationships and communities needed for transformative alternatives to today's failed systems of punishment, prisons, and policing.

To register, please email venue@firestorm.coop with the subject title "Beyond Survival."

About the book

Transformative justice seeks to solve the problem of violence at the grassroots level, without relying on punishment, incarceration, or policing. Community-based approaches to preventing crime and repairing its damage have existed for centuries. However, in the punative atmosphere of contemporary criminal justice systems, they are often marginalized and operate under the radar. Beyond Survival puts these strategies front and center as real alternatives to today's failed models of confinement and "correction.

In this collection, a diverse group of authors focuses on concrete and practical forms of redress and accountability, assessing existing practices and marking paths forward. They use a variety of forms--from toolkits to personal essays--to delve deeply into the "how to" of transformative justice, providing alternatives to calling the police, ways to support people having mental health crises, stories of community-based murder investigations, and much more. At the same time, they document the history of this radical movement, creating space for long-time organizers to reflect on victories, struggles, mistakes, and transformations.

Content Warning: This event may include discussion of sexual assault, abuse and violence.

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