Feb 29th, 2020

Hron: A Country of Ghosts

Join us for the first U.S. screening of Hron: A Country of Ghosts. This hour-long film was made by a multilingual, queer film collective in Montreal and is based on the anarchist utopian book by Asheville local Margaret Killjoy.

Hron: A Country of Ghosts (2019, French and English, with English subtitles) is an heterotopian science fiction feature movie taking place in a queer universe. It's a friendship story through which people unite and believe that another way of living is possible, but that they must fight to preserve their way of life. Dydo Horacki, a trans non-binary journalist from the Borolian Empire, comes to the mountain regions of the Cerracs to report news from the front. As the Empire expects to quietly expand its borders, they will be surprised by resistance on land that was assumed to be uninhabited.

Margaret Killjoy is a transfeminine author and editor currently based in the Appalachian mountains. Her most recent book is an anarchist demon hunters novella called The Barrow Will Send What it May, published by Tor.com. She spends her time crafting and complaining about authoritarian power structures and she blogs at birdsbeforethestorm.net.

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