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Feb 4th, 2020

Your Apology Read Aloud

Bring an apology you’ve written, whether to yourself or another, and read it out loud or ask another to read for or to you.

Do you long for an apology from someone who is unwilling or unable to give it? Are you slow to offer an apology to someone you have harmed? Would you listen deeply as a compassionate witness in acts of apology so that others may experience being seen, heard and felt?

Select passages from Eve Ensler’s The Apology may be read aloud for inspiration and encouragement.

Participants will use a ‘consent’ approach where anyone at any time may call a “Stop” without the need for explanation, and the reader shall immediately cease to give the circle pause for reflection and support. A facilitator will check for resilience before resuming the read.

Content Warning: This event may include discussion of sexual assault and abuse.

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