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Nov 19th, 2019

Asheville Mutual Aid

Every first and third Tuesday from October 2019 until November 2019

Participants will do fun and interactive popular education style exercises to envision an array of practical mutual aid projects in various realms of need. Our goal is to address needs, both, in the daily crisis of capitalism and in response to increasingly catastrophic disasters.

Participants will break into groups and design pop-up events. Over time we will make them more robust eventually being independent mutual aid projects. This array of projects can start to create a holistic alternative structures and together we'll seek a space to form a Mutual Aid Center. 

The vision of working towards building a Mutual Aid Center here in Asheville is followed up by promoting the formation of sister centers throughout the region. The center(s) would serve as the umbrella / home of all these various independent projects, much like an incubator. 

These are lofty goals, that's why we've broken them down into incremental steps.

Come prepared by asking yourself these questions:

  • What are my current needs that are going unmet?
  • Who else do i know that has any of these same needs?
  • What's a mutual aid project i could envision that could meet this need for myself and others?
  • What pop-up event would i help organize to get that mutual aid project started?

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