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Oct 5th, 2019

National Antifascist Days of Unity: Anti-fascism 101

The Black Mountain John Brown Gun Club is a mutual aid and community defense organization dedicated to pushing back against the tide of authoritarianism currently ascendant in the United States. Their "Anti-fascism 101" presentation will provide a look at both the historical origins and current praxis of antifascists. This event is organized in response for "National Antifascist Days of Unity" in October.

About the Days of Unity

"As a united movement we must declare loudly that fascism has no place in our society. Hate crimes, mass shootings, and violence against marginalized groups are indicators of rising fascism. We are antifascist (simply meaning, we are opposed to fascism) and the world needs to understand our work. Politicians are using false narratives to play on ignorance about the work of antifascists and threatening to criminalize us. The only way to combat ignorance and hate is with education and love. Will you help us?" —from OnePeoplesProject.com

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