Aug 4th, 2019

Firestorm Volunteer Orientation

Every first Sunday from April 2019 until November 2019

Individuals interested in volunteering should attend an orientation, at which we will introduce our project, including our Space Use Statement and Sober Space Statement. Once oriented, volunteers can sign up for a variety of roles based on their skills and passions.

Firestorm has space for volunteers who are committed but flexible. Ideally, volunteers would be available at least once a month. Examples of volunteer work might include—but are not limited to—supporting grassroots programming, connecting visitors with local resources, developing or maintaining the space, flyering for community events, or reading and reviewing new books.

Because the equitable compensation of labor is part of our mission, volunteers can support Firestorm as a social movement space but will not be asked, or permitted, to act as unpaid bookstore employees.

Community events at our co-op are made possible by generous contributions from our supporters. Click here to learn how you can become a Firestorm Community Sustainer!