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Dec 17th, 2018
Relapse and Revival Tour

Robert Hunter is an accomplished entertainer, author, and Nashville recording artist with a highly anticipated new record, Revival, and a new novel, Relapse: A Love Story.

The Relapse + Revival Tour is being supported by Chemo Cozy and For Pete Sake Organizations which will be providing comfort items for cancer patients that Robert and Becky meet along the way. 

About the Book

Rob Wildhide will become a celebrated novelist; he just knows it. But first, he’ll have to overcome writer’s block and survive a wayward trip to the North Woods of Maine with his new bride, Annie, and her treacherous friends (raft guides are not to be trusted!).

A love story at its best and wild ride at its drunkest, Relapse careens through shaman-led weddings, car heists that lead to strange prophesies, and the inner workings of a mind rife with possibility and absolutely unaffected by the moonshine, thank you very much. Is it relapse, or is it revival? Rob Wildhide will try just about anything to find out where this story goes.

About the Author

Robert Hunter is a Nashville recording artist who first gained notoriety and critical acclaim following the release of his debut EPs, Outta My Mind and Afterglow. Robert is known best for his unabashed contempt for the conventional – in any medium – and his unique brand of lyrical alt-country-rock.

Robert's nationwide 2018 Relapse & Revival tour is the first of its kind, a mixture of the literary and lyrical promoting both a new record and a highly anticipated new novel. He lives with his wife, Becky, a former raft guide, whose recent battle with cancer was the inspiration for the tour and the publication of Relapse.

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