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Dec 8th, 2018

"Dream Work" Poetry Reading

Dream Work is Bentz Kirby’s first published collection of poems written on a lifetime of musings, and influences include Thomas Wolfe, Carl Sandburg, and Carl Jung. Each poem seeks to explore themes of time and space, coming of age, life and death, love, unanswered questions, advocacy/activism, and life’s purpose. Readers easily identify with the author’s honest self-expression and illustratative language.

Featuring forty-four poems covering more than forty years of creative output, Dream Work offers the author's creative quest to describe his vision of the truth and beauty found while traversing the landscape both of the human soul and the natural world surrounding us, and perhaps even the world beyond this one.

Bentz Kirby lives in the Rosewood area of Columbia, South Carolina. Educated first as a social worker and later a lawyer, he has been writing poetry since around 1969, but Dream Work is his first poetry collection. As a songwriter, he has published two albums of music, Name Checkin' with Alien Carnival (2008) and Secret World with Jellyroll & Delicious Dish (2017). A survivor of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, he is a big fan of Automated External Defibrillators. Other than enjoying life with his wife May, their children and a brood of pets, he writes and performs music with his friends.

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