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Oct 12th, 2018
"Reminders From Another Time" Herbs for Stress Reduction and Musical Performance

Edenspore is a multifaceted life project bringing together original music, permaculture design, herbalism, visual art, eco-social consciousness, and a healthy dose of magic to usher in a healthier world. She will teach an herbalism workshop geared towards gentle plants and mushrooms for nervous and immune systems, followed by an enchanting and otherworldly musical performance.

Herbalism Workshop, 5:30-6:30
"Nervous System Health and Stress Reduction"
Western society and its complex systems of oppression have created chronic stresses on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Learn about gentle medicinal plants and mushrooms that help nourish the central nervous system, balance the immune system, calm anxiety, balance hormones, and help our bodies adapt to social and environmental stresses. DIY growing and medicine-making methods, hands-on examples, and photos will be available.

Musical Performance, 6:45-7:45pm
Edenspore songs are channeled from dreams, the woods, care for the earth, and care for communities. Her lyrics carry listeners to other realms, with an incredible voice that’s described as “enchanting”, “haunting”, and “otherworldly.”

Edenspore stickers, t-shirts, herbal zines, and music will be available for purchase or trade at this event.