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Jul 16th, 2019

Original Recovery

Every Wednesday from January 2018 until March 2020

Original Recovery seeks to develop as a support organization based in respect for diverse personal backgrounds and varied levels of addiction/obsessive thinking/problem behaviors. As such, the organization and its approach is to remain secular as a whole. Practical suggestions are emphasized and personal beliefs are respected as personal, not to be promoted, debated, nor discussed in general.

Original Recovery intends to provide social support via discussion meetings, original success stories, experimental activities and creative events, as well as educational presentations of current psychological/therapeutic models of understanding addiction, recovery, and personal growth. As a "program of recovery," OR emphasizes certain values and principles like authenticity, practicality, self-awareness, critical thinking/questioning, and personal values. The goal is to help persons discover and share with others the true essentials of what actually works for their particular recovery and living more fulfilling lives. Secondary goals include publishing original content and creating opportunities for this organization to grow beyond Asheville.

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