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Feb 26th, 2014

Judaculla Speaks

Written in Stone

Local author David Webb will read from and sign his recently published first book, "Judaculla Speaks: Written in Stone," a Cherokee story set in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The book is based on decoded petroglyphs found on Judaculla Rock in Jackson County, the largest collection of rock engravings east of the Mississippi River.

About the Book

As a historically significant cultural property, 'Judaculla Speaks' decodes for the first time the mysterious petroglyphs written in an ancient stone. Located in the oldest mountains in the world, the heart of ancient Cherokee land of North Carolina, Judaculla Rock tells of a time when giants and little people lived together in harmony and the children of the forest were taught their ways. The ancient language of the stone is a language of the Ginn (angels who were created 2000 years before Adam). The Ginn language was a language of Mother Nature and was kept hidden in the forest. This book uncovers a creation story where angels communicated with mankind. and opens up the possibility of seeing the rich cultural history located in the Tuckaseegee that touches all other histories of the ancient archaeologies.