Donate to Our Co-op

Donate to Our Co-op

If you're interested in supporting our co-operative and don't feel that our Community Sustainers Program is a good fit, we're happy to accept a one-time donation of any size. Your generous contribution will ensure that our co-operative continues to have the resources needed to do grassroots community work that is unmonetized and accessible to all. This includes hosting over 200 free and unique events per year, providing space for numerous activist organizations, offering free computer access, regularly donating resources to local changemakers, and acting as a platform for the community work of our members.

If you would like to donate a large sum of money (ie over $250) to our co-op, please contact us at to arrange payment instead of using the buttons below.

General Funds

These donations will be used to cover overhead expenses associated with the operation of our co-op and the community resources it hosts.

We Back Books!

These donations will buy books for individuals, particularly youth, who lack the resources and/or mobility to regularly patronize our bookstore. Read more